Captured Moments

Captured Moments is a collection of moments from life on the side of a mountain in Tasmania. My life with three young children, insightful community and work as a garden teacher gives me inspiration to capture and share some of these.

  • Nature Crafts Cover

    Nature Crafts

    This book created by Kate Hubmayer was launched at the Food4Thought Gathering. I have to mention it as it has been given the thumbs up by my six year old son. Apparently it looks ‘awesome’ and he can’t wait to build bark boats complete with gumnut sailors, and …

  • Onion


    I was fortunate enough to attend the #Food4Thought National gathering in Hobart on the weekend. Such an inspiring and motivated group of people from Darwin to Hobart and everywhere in between. Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia was an incredible furry ball of energy that I was very proud to give …

  • Kids Tree

    what life looks like

    Another moment of domestic madness came last night, with me rushing around the kitchen dodging my husband Al who was pulling steaming food from the oven, kids yelling at each other from the other side of the kitchen bench. Al thought out loud, ‘Imagine what our day would look …

  • Chook1

    chickens versus classrooms

    Today I worked with a boy who would not leave the chicken pen. I tried all the tricks I had to get him to go back to class, but nothing worked. He stood firm, fingers preening the chickens feathers he held in his arms. I …

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