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    Gumboots in yurts

    A circus performer with a contagious laugh who used to put his gumboots on when he got out of bed in the morning. Each of his seven children build their own little yurt. A meat rabbit breeding woman who helps people grow food in their backyards …

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    Ubud Readers and Writers Festival

    The festival seemed amazing, the glimpse that I got. International authors telling their stories and inspiring countless aspiring and established writers. The bit I remember most was meeting a woman in the pool. Actually, firstly I met her at the front desk of our accommodation …

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    A New Baby

    When my neighbour was about to have her baby, it’s as though the world took a deep breath and held it until the baby was safely born. The mother and baby are now revered, cosseted and adored by the community, as if the world has sewn a white cloud around …

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    Gardening with Friends

    Sometimes I feel like a plumber. People often suggest to me at work, when they see me escorting children around the world of gardening, that I must have a flourishing veggie patch at home. Each time in the last few months that I’ve been asked …

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    ode to community

    Just when the world seems to pressing down a little too hard, when I’m sicker than a mother is allowed to get, solo parenting three kids for the week, then discovering an apple tree needs emergency help at the school, the community has pulled me through. More meals delivered then …

  • Onion


    I was fortunate enough to attend the #Food4Thought National gathering in Hobart on the weekend. Such an inspiring and motivated group of people from Darwin to Hobart and everywhere in between. Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia was an incredible furry ball of energy that I was very proud to give …