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    Feet hitting the Ground

    People have been asking me if my feet have hit the ground yet after winning the Finch Memoir Prize. Well, I thought an example last night might explain my life this week. I received an e-mail from my publisher, Finch, telling me I was on the home page …

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    Life Matters

    It has meant so much to me to hear a little piece of other peoples stories, which they have shared with me after hearing the Life Matters interview on Monday:—finch-memoir-winner-2014/5473490  Everyone has a story to tell, I just happened to write mine down. I hope it …

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    Finch Memoir Prize

    I’m very proud to be the winner of the 2014 Finch Memoir Prize. Announced at the Sydney Writers Festival, I have been gripping on to my brand new book very tight as I give speeches and interviews, (not to mention drink champagne!) Some very special …

  • Heidi Douglas

    One woman’s moving story of discovering the paradox of the unique beauty and harsh reality of living in the Australian Simpson Desert. – Heidi Douglas, author of Catch up with the Sun

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    desertdwellers For those of you who haven’t seen it, this is the link to my former blog from when we living out in the Simpson Desert with our three children. At that time we were managing one million acres spread over two stations, driving for …

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    Mothers Day

    I’m on a placement for Uni, learning how to be a proper teacher, not just one who makes it up as I go along in my role as a Garden teacher. The class had just read a Mother’s Day book, and the teacher was asking …