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Spinifex Baby

Reader Review

Spinifex Baby’, a book not to be left off your reading list. Having not known a lot about the Simpson Desert, other than the fact that it is full of sand and heat, I wondered what would draw anyone to… Read More »Reader Review

A new life

The tomatoes are ripening, cucumbers are growing fat before my eyes, the kids are all in school, but not the school I was expecting. Boolcoomatta Reserve isn’t remote compared to the Simpson Desert, but is easily far enough away from… Read More »A new life

Review From Booktopia

Comments PROS Deserves Multiple Readings Easy To Read Engaging characters Informative BEST USES Australian Landscape Gift Suitable For All Readers This book paints vivid images of the Australian landscape. It offers honest, open and raw accounts of managing pregnancy, post… Read More »Review From Booktopia