A new life

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P1080945The tomatoes are ripening, cucumbers are growing fat before my eyes, the kids are all in school, but not the school I was expecting. Boolcoomatta Reserve isn’t remote compared to the Simpson Desert, but is easily far enough away from Broken Hill to do School Of The Air. Their structured schooling is supported by lessons from life. The kids are becoming tougher, not as fussy, good friends. As much as we miss the utopia of Tasmania, we have found an oasis of soaring wedge tailed eagles, majestic horizons and ancient river redgums.

My writing has slowed, with the fullness of life out here edging it to the periphery, but it won’t be long now before I can sink back into my stories. My fiction book set on the wild Tasmanian beaches and mountains is almost done, but can I retrieve it while stories are singing out from the gnarled branches of the river red gums, and the depths of the old Aboriginal wells.

  1. Tan

    Ah Karen you are an inspiration. These heart warming family experiences and imagery of eagles and sunsets stir my soul.
    I hope you had a beautiful return visit to the homelands recently.
    Catch you next time I hope.

    Love Tan xo

  2. Clodagh Jones
    Clodagh Jones02-16-2016

    Thank you Karen, I love to read of your adventures. Are you looking after a Bush Heritage property or just temporarily minding? Poor Tasmania is reeling from the fires in the north west, fires which are said to burn for many months to come. In the South we have had gales and rain during the last few days and my cucumbers are fat and juicy!

    • Karen Harrland
      Karen Harrland02-16-2016

      Thanks Clodagh. We are managing the property. It’s a great life, and we’re very lucky to be caretakers of this patch of ground.

  3. Your mum
    Your mum02-24-2016

    Any words from you are always so welcome my darling. They stop me in my tracks and make me take notice!!