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    Review From Booktopia

    Comments PROS Deserves Multiple Readings Easy To Read Engaging characters Informative BEST USES Australian Landscape Gift Suitable For All Readers This book paints vivid images of the Australian landscape. It offers honest, open and raw accounts of managing pregnancy, post natal depression and your relationship. …

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    Preparing for their Future

    I have been submersing myself in the fringes of education over the past few years, starting literally, in the soil, as a garden teacher, uncovering the many layers that go into teaching children. Then I incorporated the many varied theories of teaching through University. It seems …

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    Close the door!

    On cleaning out the shearer’s quarters on the weekend, after being attacked by that emu, I scrubbed every corner of the rooms, in which large evil looking redback spider’s were happily living. By about my fifteenth redback, I was starting to feel them crawling up …

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    Never get between a male emu and his chicks

    Every day, the kids and I race down the road on our bikes, hurtling past flocks of emus, (of which one fella has 23 chicks), and ride around a circuit we’ve made. It’s always a great recharge of energy and fresh air, and a much needed break between …