Feet hitting the Ground


People have been asking me if my feet have hit the ground yet after winning the Finch Memoir Prize. Well, I thought an example last night might explain my life this week. I received an e-mail from my publisher, Finch, telling me I was on the home page with the Life Matters interview of the ABC website, as one of the ABC’s favourite picks. It went straight to my head, and I was grinning away, when I got a call from the bathroom. My 3 year old son had managed to poo in his undies. It was everywhere, my head was bent over the toilet throwing (that’s right) his undies down the composting toilet chamber, when I remembered that I was on the ABC homepage. Somehow, the shine had been taken off my grin!

  1. Clodagh Jones
    Clodagh Jones08-06-2014

    I have enjoyed your book so much and heard of you though the ABC programme. I was sorry to miss the Fullers Book launch as I live in Lindisfarne, Tasmania. I’m nearly 80 and fast becoming an arm chair traveller but next year I want to go round Australia to see how far I can get on a bus! I’m an intrepid traveller!
    You write well and I loved your descriptions of arid Australia which I was fortunate to see a few years ago. Keep on writing

    • Karen Harrland
      Karen Harrland08-06-2014

      Thankyou Clodagh, you made my day. I am so glad you enjoyed my book, and it’s always good to hear from other people who love the desert country. Hope we cross paths one day, Karen