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Karen Harrland

Stephenie Cahalan

Doctoral Researcher and author of Colour and Movement: The life of Claudio Alcorso Karen Harrland’s Daughter of the Plateau is a love letter to Tasmania’s immense landscapes and powerful coasts. From the raw splendour of the plateau to the unbridled energy of the… Read More »Stephenie Cahalan

Bob Brown

Environmentalist Karen Harrland’s story unfolds with blood and tears and yet has the warmth of a remote hut’s fireside in a snowstorm. Like a great stag’s antlers, Karen Harrland’s Tasmanian story enfolds the reader in both the beauty and terror… Read More »Bob Brown

Mandy Renard

Tasmanian landscape artist and printmaker A provocative, affecting and uniquely Tasmanian novel. This book has the guts to tackle darker aspects of the human condition and the sensitivity to honour its treasures.

Asha Dermer

16 year old adventurer Heartfelt, emotional but straight to the point. A wonderful journey of a young woman discovering herself and the world around her.

Reader Review

Spinifex Baby’, a book not to be left off your reading list. Having not known a lot about the Simpson Desert, other than the fact that it is full of sand and heat, I wondered what would draw anyone to… Read More »Reader Review