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Gumboots in yurts

IMG_2756A circus performer with a contagious laugh who used to put his gumboots on when he got out of bed in the morning. Each of his seven children build their own little yurt.

A meat rabbit breeding woman who helps people grow food in their backyards to empower them to feel they have control over their  lives.

A woman who tells people’s stories from Rwanda, who captures a moment without dehumanising the person, and who knows her decisions in life impact not just her local community, but so many others.

And me…describing how I start with the core which is our school garden, build layers on this with the children’s knowledge and joy, then bring in parents and grandparents, sharing and growing that core of community spirit. Without the desert experience and realising what the absence of close community does, I may have just grown carrots.

Set in the beautiful creative hub which is Okines Community Garden, Dodges Ferry, our discussion was directed beautifully. Thankyou to the wonderful Garden Fairies who made this event happen.