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Kick starting the stars

Over the last few months the stars have aligned themselves in the sort of pattern that have spelt trouble for me and my family. They seemed to have been a bit rough on the world in general in fact, with disasters and near misses showering down around our little community. I’ve decided it’s time to give the stars a boot, shake things up a  bit, and hit ‘reset.’ I am eternally grateful for my life, don’t get me wrong. There is so much that is good about it, as I look across our solar panels on the roof to the tall Eucalypt forest behind and the dappled soft greys of the clouds, that I hate to suggest I’ve got it hard.

Still, when my daughter’s much adored duck was latched onto my leg yesterday, ripping its teeth through my calf muscle (that’s right, teeth, think Count Duckula), flapping it’s oversized wings, with me bravely screaming, I realised that the universe should be recalibrated. From now on, it’s time for only the best of life to come forth. For all good things to shine. For all those who are suffering to have relief, and for all car thieves to find something useful to do with their time other than exploding mine. For all of those tasks and people who I have been neglecting, I refuse to neglect any longer. For all those desires which I have been afraid to pursue, I will now take on. Well. most of them, anyway. I think it’s about reclaiming control, and taking responsibility for my life. Actually, it might just be about starting to write again, after a lengthy period of abstinence…Life is too good to waste on bad moments.