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No school today…

I had to tell my kids that they would have to do their own schooling on Thursday. All the teachers were on strike for an hour or two, fighting for our children’s education, and for a little more respect for the jobs they do. The Government then decided to close all public schools for the whole day, meaning the children were at home, and I had a ton of work to somehow get through.

‘Write a list kids- music, PE, maths, writing, art…then write down an idea of what you want to do for these subjects.’ I wasn’t sure if I would spend the day sorting out their disputes and feeding them, or if I would manage to get my work done.

I went to my office, and became engrossed in funding acquittals. After quite some time, I heard a little noise, and looked out of the window. The kids had made a xylophone out of glasses, filled to different levels with water, and were making songs with a spoon, tapping each one gently.

I smiled, and went back to my work. Soon after this, I saw them on the trampoline, bouncing madly then drawing pictures in water on the surface. I supposed that was art, and PE.

Trying to bring them all together at the end of the day for dinner, Asha was sitting on the pavers, writing her times tables in chalk. They went to bed that night with maths books and begging to stay up and do some more schooling.

I think sometimes we try too hard with them. Children want to learn. If we give them opportunities and space in their lives, they will seek out whatever it is that they want to discover.