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Snowed In

IMG_7805The roads were closed for only a day or two, but it was enough to remind me how liberating it is to be stripped of choice. With all the soccer, kids birthday parties, library and supermarket missions that ‘must’ be done, it is so nice to be reminded that there is something so much more powerful than all of that – the weather! The snow has given us a pause. A moment to catch our breath, to not rush the kids, to bring us all back together, laughing, and fighting, and laughing.

We could almost be in the desert, except that the air feels like it will snap freeze then smash my bones into tiny sharp pieces. Our house feels like it embraces the weather with open arms. Wind rocks it, freezing air shakes the windows, snow swirls in great folds, yet we are so gratefully warm and dry. The mountain Kunanyi hides behind the layers of trees and mist, but then bursts through with the sun, drawing all eyes towards her.