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ode to community

Just when the world seems to pressing down a little too hard, when I’m sicker than a mother is allowed to get, solo parenting three kids for the week, then discovering an apple tree needs emergency help at the school, the community has pulled me through. More meals delivered then I can eat, my children picked up from school by three different people, taken to three different places. Text messages and phone calls of support, including from my desert bound husband. Washing hung up, then taken off the line again. Easter eggs purchased by a friend for a school fundraiser on behalf of my children, as well as her own.. Then, to top it all off,  I received the following e-mail from a parent volunteer at the school: Hope you are feeling better soon. I will take care of the apple tree…


Living in the Simpson Desert for a few years offered a lot of joy and beauty, but this community can never be replaced.